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Jessica Boyce

Jessica Boyce

Clinical Lead Home Modifications and Assistive Technology
Senior Occupational Therapist
Jessica Boyce

Helping clients increase their ability to participate in activities or better manage their own health and wellbeing is incredibly rewarding

Qualification: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Otago Polytechnical, New Zealand,2013; certified CPPACC4020A Provide access advice on building renovations and CPPACC5016A

Special interests: Complex home modifications, complex seating.

Jessica loves the way Occupational Therapy can support clients in their home, workplace, school or in their community. Jessica sees clients across all ages who have physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

Jessica is highly regarded for her expert advice on modifications for people living with disabilities, which she has been qualified and appropriately certified to do. Her input is valuable as client’s adapt their homes to best meet their circumstances and maximise their safety and independence. Jessica also specialises in complex seating which is greatly valued by clients who use mobility aids and other assistance devices.

Clients trust Jessica’s advice and the way she collaborates with a range of professionals to achieve their goals. She listens to her client’s needs and finds creative solutions, explores possibilities, and has a genuine desire to discover the best way forward.

As Clinical Lead for Assistive Technology and Home Modifications at Adaptability Therapy, Jessica enjoys using her skills and expertise to find solutions that meet her client’s needs. Jessica supports the Adaptability team to continue to grow and expand professionally in the areas of Assistive Technology and Home Modifications, and is always ready to lend a hand or provide guidance to ensure clients get the best outcome possible.

Jessica’s parents are her inspiration. They are her biggest advocates and their unconditional support and sacrifice has made it possible for Jessica to achieve all she has.

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