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Mental Health Occupational Therapy

Mental Health Occupational Therapists (OT’s) assist people who have experienced adverse life circumstances, such as grief and adjustment, emotions, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress and parenting, and can help people with severe and complex mental health conditions, from anxiety and depression, to personality disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

OT’s take a holistic approach to supporting people, with the ultimate focus being to assist people to participating in the activities in their life that are meaningful or important to them.

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    Mental Health OT’s have particular experience in one or all of the following to support their clients:

    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Cognitive assessments
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Sensory strategies
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Participation in activities of daily learning (ADL’s)
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Coping skills
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Acceptance and Commitment therapy
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Coping strategies, crisis plans and socio-emotional skills

    What can a Mental Health OT help with?

    There are a range of areas a mental health OT can provide intervention and support in, including but not limited to:

    Life skills

    Job readiness

    Cooking and life skills

    Money management

    Wellness recovery action plans (WRAP)

    Exploration of interest areas


    Sensory groups

    Independent living

    Sensory, calming and grounding strategies

    Occupational Therapists can support people to enhance their participation in daily activities through the use of sensory strategies or other coping or grounding mechanism’s, which might include lighting, scents, music, drawing or art, cooking, showering, running or other movement and much more.

    Each individual’s sensory system is unique, but it is vital in helping us process the information we receive from the environment around us. For individuals with mental health conditions, their sensory system may be unable to process this information and this may lead to them feeling unable to cope or participate in activities.

    Sensory strategies activate various areas of an individual’s sensory system to assist them to accurately interpret environmental information. These strategies can help individuals feel grounded and calm, and may be effective for people who are not able to participate in talking therapy.

    Mental Health Occupational Therapy

    Mental Health OT’s and Adaptability Therapy

    At Adaptability Therapy, our Occupational Therapists take a hope-based approach to supporting clients with the goals or activities that are meaningful to them. Our mental health OT’s can:

    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Conduct functional capacity assessment for NDIS participants
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Undertake Supported Indendepent Living (SIL), ILO (Independent Living Options) or Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing assessments
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Provide intervention on an ongoing basis with therapy, sensory input, coping strategies or to support skills building in meaningful activites

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    • NDIS Registered & Approved
    • In-home Occupational Therapy Appointments
    • Graceville Paediatric Clinic Location
    • No GP referral letter needed
    • Assessments + Reports
    • Assessments to access Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)
    • Assessments to access Supported Independent Living (SIL)
    • Complex Home Modifications
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    We are currently accepting referrals to our mental health occupational therapists across Brisbane and Toowoomba. Call 07 3899 5802 or email [email protected] to make a referral today.