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Jo Vickridge

Joanna (Jo) Vickridge

Occupational Therapy Lead
Jo Vickridge

Getting to the bottom of a problem is important to me. I help clients by listening and understanding their needs and what they want to achieve.

Qualification: BSC (Hons) Occupational Therapy, Exeter University (1997). UK PG certificate Sensory Integration, Ulster University (2014)

Special interests: Sensory modulation and integration, behaviour management, Lymphodema – complex physical therapy

Jo is a passionate and skilled Occupational Therapist with experience working across the UK, Middle East and Australia. Jo supports clients of all ages who have been injured, are ill or have a disability. She has a background in paediatrics, neurology, MS, aged care and general adult settings.

Drawing from a variety of theoretical and evidence-based frameworks, Jo provides therapies that help clients develop, recover, improve and maintain the skills needed for daily living and working. Jo excels at breaking down complex situations into manageable steps that practically help clients achieve their aims. She develops structured programmes that are goal directed.

Clients value Jo’s respectful approach and the way she helps them steer through challenges their home, workplace, outdoor or indoor spaces may present. She enjoys helping clients with complex needs so they can experience greater freedom, fulfilment and independence.

As Occupational Therapy Lead at Adaptability, Jo provides guidance, leadership and mentoring to the OT team who highly value and respect her clinical expertise and advice.

Jo is inspired by people from all walks of life – from trained mountaineers to everyday people who overcome hardship.

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