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Jodie Rostron

Jodie Rostron

Senior Occupational Therapist
Jodie Rostron

I am passionate about guiding people through the health system, and advocate for those who don’t have the skills or ability to advocate for themselves.

Qualification: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, University of Queensland

Special interests: Generalist occupational therapy, with a focus on rehabilitation and oedema management, with a particular interest in neurology.

Twenty years on, and Jodie is as passionate as ever about occupational therapy, and still loves helping people get to the crux of their issues; finding solutions that make a difference in their daily lives.

As a Senior Occupational Therapist, Jodie treats adults who present with a range of issues including complex head injuries, and significant congenital disabilities. She supports them by providing manageable ways to look after themselves and their families; enabling them to participate in their communities and be involved in valued and fulfilling activities.

Clients value Jodie’s honesty, reliability, persistence and genuine interest in them and their unique situation.

Because two people with the same condition can present with very different problems that require very different solutions, Jodie takes an individual approach and endeavours to understand each client’s full story.

She is a true advocate for people who are stuck in the complex health system, and is determined to help them navigate their way through, and ensure they get the best value from it.

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