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Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor

Senior Physiotherapist – Paediatrics
Christine Taylor

The first part of treatment is actually understanding what’s going on… The why comes before the how.

Qualification: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of Queensland

Special interests: Developmental delay, especially in infants and young children, and facilitating intervention through play-based therapy

As a Senior Physiotherapist, Christine has vast experience working in paediatrics and multidisciplinary teams. Her main passion is developmental delay therapy for young children from infants to primary school age.

Many of the children Christine works with have often not yet been diagnosed with a specific disorder or disability, but are having difficulty with their postures, movements and coordination.

Working with other allied health clinicians within the Adaptability team, Christine encourages a hands-on interactive style of therapy, including playground activities and water play. This type of therapy engages a lot of senses and muscles, including those which support the child’s posture, and ultimately enables them to develop better balance, coordination and movement skills.

Christine’s interest in physiotherapy stems from when she was a child herself, and saw the incredible results family members achieved with the support of Physiotherapists who not only performed the physical therapy, but also took the time to explain what was happening, and why.

She now embraces this approach to educate parents and empower them to enhance their support of their child’s development.

Christine regularly receives positive feedback from parents on how well she explains things, which helps them understand how their daily practices can actually contribute to their child’s treatment, in conjunction with the professional therapy.

She sees therapy as an evolving process with each child and family; as she learns more about the child and family at each session, she is able to continually adapt her treatment to achieve greater outcomes.

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