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Amanda Greaves

Amanda Greaves

Senior Occupational Therapist
Clinical Lead – Mental Health
Amanda Greaves

When compassion is at the heart of therapy and support, clients gain confidence and have space to explore solutions in their own time.

Qualification: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, University of Queensland, 1979; Master Community Mental Health, University of Queensland, 2000

Special interests: Adult mental health, sensory modulation, trauma, addictions, acceptance and commitment therapy, employment for people with mental health issues

Amanda loves being an Occupational Therapist. She specialises in supporting adults, carers and families who have been affected by trauma, or who are living with mental illness or cognitive challenges which have resulted from injury, accident or disability.

Amanda sees adults with serious mental illness, including: schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Her work is trauma informed and recognises that most people have experienced trauma, loss or grief which has directly impacted how they function in everyday life. Amanda uses evidence-based and recovery-focussed approaches that help clients recover and gain skills and confidence to live life.

Clients value Amanda’s compassionate approach and the way she helps them move forward and away from their own stigmas and beliefs that can prevent them from achieving their goals.

As Adaptability’s Mental Health Clinical Lead, Amanda helps to equip the team to better understand the impact of mental illness on the lives of clients and their families. Amanda has a strong sense of social justice and is passionate about equitable access to healthcare for everybody. Amanda has worked as an Associate Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland and is committed to research and student education.

Amanda considers compassion to be a crucial part of recovery, because that’s when the truly lifechanging outcomes occur.

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