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All About Falls

All about falls

Did you know? Falls are Australia’s largest contributor to hospitalised injuries. Falls are the number one cause of preventable deaths in residential aged care settings. Falls-prevention programs by Physiotherapists have been shown to reduce falls by up to 55 percent. Data from 2016-17 indicated 273

All About Falls

An overview of Chronic Pain

Most of us will experience physical pain at some point in our lives. Whether from cuts, falls or bumps, pain serves an important purpose in alerting us that something is wrong. Simply, it’s a symptom of an illness or injury. Usually it will develop quickly

All About Falls

Does the NDIS fund Physiotherapy treatment?

Physiotherapy can help people with a range of conditions including physical disabilities, autism, intellectual or genetic disabilities, stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy and neurological disorders. Physiotherapy can improve your mobility, strength and range of motion so you can more fully participate in everyday tasks and