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Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest

I enjoy getting to know people, learning from their experiences … and then seeing their faces when they achieve something they previously didn’t think they could.

Qualification: Bachelor of Exercise Science, Griffith University; Master of Physiotherapy, Griffith University

Special interests: Generalist physiotherapy with a focus on rehabilitation

Andrew is passionate about rehabilitation physiotherapy and helping people work through their restrictions to gain greater mobility and live a more fulfilling life. Seeing the look on their faces when they achieve something they have been struggling with, is one of his greatest rewards.

Andrew supports a broad range of NDIS participants from the age of 16-65, via in-home visits.

Whilst his role as a Physiotherapist is to administer physical therapy, he takes an overall holistic approach to his sessions. This includes helping his patients be aware of, and look after their general health and wellbeing; not just the physical elements.

Andrew prides himself on building a strong rapport with his clients. He works to really understand their lives, circumstances and needs, so they don’t just feel like they are another patient on his list, but individual people whose wellbeing he genuinely cares about.

This empathetic approach reassures people, gets them more enthusiastic about their treatment, and motivates them to push that little bit harder.

Physiotherapy is physically and emotionally demanding for his clients, but Andrew believes that by explaining why they are doing the work and educating them on the benefits, they become more engaged and consequently get far greater results out of the sessions.

Clients value Andrew’s caring and informative approach, and after seeing their incredible results, many people who were originally resistant to his visits, soon start to look forward to them.

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