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Enhancing Aged Care Services
Enhancing Aged Care Services

Exciting News!

We’re Enhancing our Aged Care Services

Adapt Health Care is excited to announce that we are joining Adaptability Therapy.

This transition allows us to maintain our exceptional therapy services while expanding our reach and resources to better serve you and others across Queensland. While our name is changing, our commitment to providing you with exceptional therapy services remains the same.

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What’s Changing?

As of 11 March 2024, Adapt Health Care has joined Adaptability Therapy.

Bringing the two organisations together allows us to continue providing exceptional therapy services while expanding our reach and resources to support more clients across Queensland.

All the clinical care and strengths of Adapt Health Care will continue, and the relationships will continue, they will simply be part of the Adaptability Therapy team.

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Enhancing Aged Care Services

Continued Commitment to Quality Care

The Adapt Health Care team’s commitment to delivering high-quality therapy services remains unwavering. While branding may change, the dedication to client care and clinical expertise remains steadfast.

What Does This Mean for our existing Clients and Contracts?

There should be no interruption to services provided. Clients can expect the same level of professionalism, care, and expertise from their dedicated team of therapists.

As Adapt Health Care and Adaptability Therapy join, the opportunity to harness the expertise and passion of all therapists to expand our aged care capacity and provide more services to more clients is well and truly within grasp.

We are delighted to continue to serve our expanding ageing community.

Support and Assistance

We understand that transitions can raise questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any enquiries or assistance you may need. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We are excited about the opportunities this transition brings and are confident that it will allow us to better serve our clients and partners in the aged care and NDIS sector. Thank you for your continued trust and support.

New Contact Details & Referral Forms

You will still be able to reach us on our current Adapt contact details during the transition.

However we are moving to new contact details and we recommend you bookmark our new website address and forms as per below:

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